Section 3: Working Relationships


Why is teamwork important when working on a film production?

 Teamwork is important because communication is vital in a film production. This means that all departments need to understand the time limitations of the project and therefore ensure that every department is on the same level and knows what they are doing. The director, who has creative control, needs to have good communication with the first AD especially, who will then communicate with other departments, as if a change were to occur or something needs to be done sooner rather than later, the crew will need to know of this and ensure that they are done on time.

How did you develop good working relationships with your crew members? Give examples

As Director of Photography, I spoke to other crew members about what they were doing and how they would achieve this, and then spoke about how we could collaborate ideas, especially with the director and other creative departments, to make the film better. I would always keep an open mind, so I would listen to everyone’s ideas while also talking about my own, and always consider any suggestions put forward by other crew members.

Were there any problems you needed to overcome? Give examples

On the shoot as my key role as Director of Photography, the main issue was the set, as we had to find a positioning of the set to achieve the desired look. We wanted the window to be in frame while also maintaining the two leads talking to each other. However, we couldn’t close off the set due to the health and safety regulations. We managed to overcome this by finding a smaller piece of wall for the set which managed to be small enough not to enclose the actors while also allowing us to film from most angles.

Another problem that occurred on set was the lighting aspect of the shoot. This is because the director wanted to follow the script as having a bright white bulb above the two actors, to create the illusion of a doctor’s office. However, we had to improvise with what he had as we couldn’t hold up a bulb without it looking cheap, so ultimately we changed the bulb and didn’t show it on screen in the end.


What qualities are needed to work well with others on a film production?

To work well with others, the main quality needed is communication skills. This is because on a film set you need to communicate well with other crew members so you know important information about that department, such as if they need extra time, if they are unsure what to do, or if they are doing the wrong thing. This is because time management is extremely important in film production due to everything needing to be completed on time, therefore a schedule is necessary to ensure that everyone is on the right page. Another quality needed, especially for the director or other high ranking areas, is understanding and patience. This is because, everyone on set is creative and therefore they might have some contributions they might want to give to someone. Moreover, directors and other crew members need to be considerate of these ideas, applying them if they think they are good and not just reject every idea given.

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