Section 5: Film Reviews


Please post a short film review of approximately 250 – 500 words in length. You are welcome to upload or make use of the framework provided in Rupert’s class. 

Three Brothers (2014)

Aleem Khan’s social realist drama captures the fractured relationship between three brothers and their father. The repeated visual motif of three chickens represents the three brothers and the various stages of their emotional state and relationships with their father. Therefore, the film manages to provide insight into a predominantly male orientated family and the issues raised in several aspects of youths in working-class London. The themes of loss and grief are prevalent throughout the short film, and they are shown through a realistic perspective that allows the audience to connect with the characters and sympathise with them. The use of little sound throughout made the film dependant on visuals rather than audio elements, it ‘showed rather than told’ the story, which is a much more effective way in this scenario to tell the narrative. Since there was no soundtrack, the short film had a bleak yet realistic tone which ultimately enhanced the naturalistic nature by immersing the audience. Accompanied by handheld shooting, this allowed the film to be perceived almost as a documentary, which enables the audience to participate in the voyeurism of the lives of these characters. The run-down house where the three brothers reside allows the audience to understand about their surroundings and the issues it raises, providing sympathy to the characters in the events during the narrative. Being aimed at younger audiences in the same or different situations, I recommend this short film as it allows other people to understand about the hardships in an average working class family while also having undertones of darker themes such as grief. Therefore, it can be watched and understood by most audiences and doesn’t rely on age as a vital factor, as it has characters both young, the three brothers, and old, the father.


Please post a review of a feature film production of your choice (British or World cinema). Make sure to comment on the narrative structure, as well as sound, camera, lighting and editing choices.

Lady Bird (2017)

Greta Gerwig’s feature directorial debut Lady Bird focuses on the life of a young woman living in Northern California and her relationship with her mother, both of which are strongly opinionated. With two powerful lead performances by Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf, the film manages to captivate the audience through the phenomenal relationship presented on screen that delivers both humour and pathos in a way that doesn’t distract the audience or take them out of the film. The narrative structure of the film was an innovative way to show the passing of a year in a young adults life, shifting from school to college. Having distinct separate areas of time is effective since it shows the characters development physically and mentally as the surroundings around them change as well. This is important as one of the main themes of the film is growing up, therefore to present the environment changing, it compliments the characters change as well. This is supported by the use of cinematography, as this was crucial for the audience to know where there were changes in time, such as using warm lights and bokeh effects in the Autumn to highlight the natural atmosphere of leaves falling and primarily using oranges, reds and yellows to indicate a change in weather.  The soundtrack was very atmospheric and blended into the background , which allows the audience to easily immerse themselves into the scene, since the music captures the essence of the tone of the film perfectly and does not overdo its potential impact on the audience. The film flowed well for the most part, however in some cases I believed the film did not reach its full potential, as some scenes should have gone on for longer or shorter depending on the circumstances. Aiming at young adults and parents of similar ages, Lady Bird is a fantastic watch that will allow audiences of similar backgrounds and relationships to find personal identity and improve their relationships.


One thought on “Section 5: Film Reviews”

  1. Great reviews and a interesting choice of feature. Would have been good to see a non-American film, but it’s a great to see such a recent film being looked at. You’ve successfully completed 5.1 & 5.2


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